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From Dallas to Los Angeles.

My name: Alexia Lewis. KRAFTED began in 2012 as a brand under which I offered creative direction, photography, and production management services. These days, I'm focused on using my obsession with workflow efficiency and love of visual harmony to provide custom creative operations and production solutions to photo, video, and event productions, as well as small businesses. 

I began shooting on film in high school in the 90s. Then, at the University of Southern California, I studied conceptual film photography at the feet of Sharon Lockhart and Robbert Flick, and learned traditional and experimental animation techniques. In this environment, I fell in love with the process of developing color photos in the darkroom, developing my own shooting process with my favorite film: Kodak Portra UC. As photography standards transitioned into digital, I have maintained both my visual and workflow style, this time working with software, platforms, and creative teams. To this day there's nothing more exciting and fulfilling to me than investing the proper time and attention to the creative process in order to produce the highest quality content possible.

So why "KRAFTED"? Because I like kraft paper, Kraftwerk, arts + crafts, and long walks on Venice Beach.


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