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The Ultimate Warrior (RIP) | Belated Memoriam

This is a style post.

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Attire On Your Body, In Your Closet... | A Shopping Recommendation

It's time to switch it up with a style feature!

This one goes out to all the ladies out there who's basic style sensibilities mirror mine: well-made clothing without huge logos; not too much print; lots of basics and a definable color palette; mostly made by local designers.  

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"Allow Myself To Introduce... Myself..." | #FotoFriday

I'm a fine artist (performance and photography).  Click here for proof.

I'm an actress.  Click here for proof.

I used to have a personal blog. Yep, more proof here.

I'm an Aesthetic Consultant who loves to artistically contribute to fashion editorials and video shoots.  I love to help people look and feel polished and stylish.  Visit the rest of this website for proof.


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