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The Ultimate Warrior (RIP) | Belated Memoriam

This is a style post.

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I Love You Grace Coddington | #FotoFriday

I was nudged and encouraged into my current career by my most recent ex-boyfriend.  It was becoming familiar with Grace Coddington's work, however, that inspired me to picture myself as a capable art director and producer - long before I met that dude.  Although she may not know that I even exist, I think of her as my career fairy godmother.

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Michael R Moore Gives Me... | #FotoFriday

Life. Beauty. Imagination. Creativity. Good vibrations. Head trips.

I think the work "random" has become overused these days to describe how circumstances come to be.  And with that said, it was pretty random how I was introduced to Mr. Moore. We clicked almost instantly though, and started working together, and we've got more planned for the near future.

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S K I N by Nick Branch | #FotoFriday

This project was brought to my attention by the the photographer himself.  Last week, I got notification that I had a message waiting for me on ModelMayhem (I'll make no apologies, thankyouverymuch).  That was interesting in and of itself, because I rarely, if ever, log in to my profile there anymore.  I clicked through to an interesting email - a headshot photographer named Nick Branch was interested in including me in his portraiture series exploring attitudes about skin color among Black people in America.

My reaction: "Aw hell yeah, this gon' be good!" 

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