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 Because of a recent production I was in, I've not had the time to write and tweet about topics, issues, and curiosities that have been buzzing in my brain for the past two weeks.  I don't want this year to end without helping to amplify and share some of the great articles that I've had the good fortune to read.  So for your end-of-year reading pleasure, what I'll do is a link round-up, visual-style!  Here's some cool stuff to check out and think about (in no particular order):

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That Time Kara Walker Slayed You | #WCW

As it went with a lot of her past works of art, this one was no exception when it comes to controversy.  There is a sizable population of black people in America who absolutely do not want our history and past as slaves depicted at all in front of white people, even when the depiction is a criticism and wake-up call. To be frank, I can't say that I respect their opinion, but I do respect their right to how they feel about it. They were present for "the show".  Also present - oblivious white people who took Walker's spectacle as an opportunity to be complete buffoons.

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Too Bad It's True

If you can't make fun of yourself, how in the hell are you gonna make fun of somebody else?  Can I get an amen???

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AfroStyle Magazine 10 | #FotoFriday

For some odd reason, there's no Vogue Africa.  Or maybe there's several rather mundane reasons why not (I can think of one or two).  When it comes to the Condé Nast empire, it seems like only Franca Sozzani (editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia) cares about pushing the company toward highlighting the fabrics, cultures, and colors present in this vast continent.

But maybe a Vogue Africa isn't necessary after all.

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Michael R Moore Gives Me... | #FotoFriday

Life. Beauty. Imagination. Creativity. Good vibrations. Head trips.

I think the work "random" has become overused these days to describe how circumstances come to be.  And with that said, it was pretty random how I was introduced to Mr. Moore. We clicked almost instantly though, and started working together, and we've got more planned for the near future.

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