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Details of Venice | #FotoFriday

It seems like the weekend drum circle has been here from eternity and will continue into eternity..  Both tourists and locals flock here.  Street performers, artists, and craftspeople peddle their wares.  There are the indigent, the drifters, and the caravaners.  And no matter how much rents continue to skyrocket, Venice will never be totally scrubbed clean.

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Attire On Your Body, In Your Closet... | A Shopping Recommendation

It's time to switch it up with a style feature!

This one goes out to all the ladies out there who's basic style sensibilities mirror mine: well-made clothing without huge logos; not too much print; lots of basics and a definable color palette; mostly made by local designers.  

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Noah Davis: Garden City @ Papillion | A Review

I feel like I need to be up-front and honest right away:  I always feel a little out of my element whenever I visit an art gallery and the works on view are paintings.  It's because I never took a painting class, and so I feel a little inadequate, like I can't 100% appreciate painting as an art form. Only 87% maybe, and only that because of the intense amount of art history and theory I was required to study. And I personally feel like there's a special place in hell for people whose only critique when they see works of art is "I like/dislike it," and that's it.  Why? At least tell me why!

I'll tell you why I enjoyed "Garden City", and it has a lot to do with the subject matter of Noah Davis' more prominently featured painting series Pueblo del Rio, and where Papillion is located.

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