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Noah Davis: Garden City @ Papillion | A Review

I feel like I need to be up-front and honest right away:  I always feel a little out of my element whenever I visit an art gallery and the works on view are paintings.  It's because I never took a painting class, and so I feel a little inadequate, like I can't 100% appreciate painting as an art form. Only 87% maybe, and only that because of the intense amount of art history and theory I was required to study. And I personally feel like there's a special place in hell for people whose only critique when they see works of art is "I like/dislike it," and that's it.  Why? At least tell me why!

I'll tell you why I enjoyed "Garden City", and it has a lot to do with the subject matter of Noah Davis' more prominently featured painting series Pueblo del Rio, and where Papillion is located.

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