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Attire On Your Body, In Your Closet... | A Shopping Recommendation

It's time to switch it up with a style feature!

This one goes out to all the ladies out there who's basic style sensibilities mirror mine: well-made clothing without huge logos; not too much print; lots of basics and a definable color palette; mostly made by local designers.  


You need to be shopping at Attire.

My personal mantra when it comes to apparel shopping is "Personal Style > Fashion Trends".  I always let my personal wardrobe clients know this up front, so they know where I'm coming from with my recommendations.  I always encourage them to define their own personal style with a phrase.  Mine is "gothic disco glam with a hint of tomboy", and for as long as I've been periodically dropping in to shop at Attire, I've been able to confidently purchase clothing that fits right in with everything else in my closet.  I promise I'm not lying.

Before Attire was Attire, it was Last Chance Designer Outlet - located just a minute further west from the current location.  Last Chance was named so because it was where local, high-quality boutique designers would drop off their previous season's collections.  Think of it as an "insider's TJ Maxx" in boutique form.  Back when I was getting residual checks from my commercial work (I miss those days!), one of my favorite things to do was drop by and see how many items I could get for $100.  A LOT, it turned out, so much so that my past purchases make up at least one-third of my wardrobe.  To this day, Attire is one of my top shopping destinations in Los Angeles.  They've recently updated their web presence to include an online storefront where you can order accessories and gifts.  And speaking of accessories and gifts, there's SO MANY now as part of the Attire concept!


For real for real: if you're ever looking for a gift for a friend or family member, I *dare* you to come away empty-handed.  The last time I walked in the store, I wanted to buy all. of. the. things!

When you buy clothing from this shop, you're supporting LA fashion, woman-owned business, small business, and the promotion of good style sense and taste overall.  You know I'm all about all of that.  Give them your money!

Attire Los Angeles | open 11a-7p everyday | 5879 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA