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I Apologize and I Brought You Flowers... | A Poll



Yeahsoummmm... I have plenty excuses as to why I've not written in forever, and a few good reasons too.  If I have any faithful readers out there who've missed me, I'm sorry for the unannounced hiatus!  And if not, then, well, whatever. I just really needed a break.  And I got one!  Two weeks in New York fxxkin' City catching up with friends and family did wonders for my soul.  How funny is it that it's in that fast-paced city that never sleeps that I learned to stop spinning my wheels?  You hear it all the time but you never understand until you do it; taking a mental vacation is so very necessary, and something that I'll be doing at least three times a year now.  

This includes blog maintenance.  If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and such, then you know what I've been up to (AMAZINGNESS) because I can't be all the way disengaged online.  Not while everyone insists on tagging me in all the Things.  But not worrying about writing articles and posting them on self-imposed deadlines from time to time keeps me from burning out.  You could suggest to me that I not impose so much on myself, and to that, I say FIE!!! I get *nothing* done without self-imposition!  My mom says I can be a little extra sometimes...

But back to what The Kraft is all about; photography, culture, the arts, and thinking critically about it all as it relates to social issues.  I've got a lot planned along those lines to share with y'all, but I also would like to know who "y'all" are.  So as it says in the title, there's a poll I made to gain insight into YOU. It's over there, to your right, and it's open from now until October 31st.  Fill it out, why don't you?  Please?  You know you love me.


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