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Love From Fourteena | #FotoFriday

William Miller Boddie, Jr.

William Miller Boddie, Jr.

This is Grandaddy.  Just this Tuesday, I paid my respects to him along with my extended family and all the hundreds of people whose hearts he touched in his life. He was 95.  Today I dedicate #FotoFriday to him because the world needs to know that this man existed.

He and my late grandmother never went past the eighth grade because there were no high schools for black children where they lived at the time, yet they were both highly intelligent and instilled in my aunts, uncles, and mother the importance of higher education.  He was a Presiding Elder in the AME Church and a minister, yet he never used religion as a weapon to bash others with.  His youth was troubled and wild, but he didn't let that define his future.  Through depression and tragedy, he soldiered on and did his best.  He set a high mark that I'm proud to live up to.  Plus, he was handsome, no? 

Love always...