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Do It For The Kids | #FundraisingFriday

I'm gonna admit up front that I've never done one of these fundraising walks before.  In the past, my style has been more like left-wing fomentation and rabble-rousing activism:  sitting in, shouting, and delivering petitions with theatrical flair and justified indignation.  No surprise that that was in my college days, huh?  Now that I'm headed into my mid-30s and my metabolism has changed, I'm a bit more mellow about how I stand up for what I believe.  And I DEFINITELY believe in making sure that young children of every background have access to quality medical care when suffering from catastrophic disease.  I also believe that their parents shouldn't have to worry about bills and costs.  So I'm gonna walk for St. Jude.

Click to donate now - any amount helps!

Click to donate now - any amount helps!

My bleeding heart demands it. From now until November 22nd, with my most excellent homegirl Nikia Phoenix as my team captain, I will be fundraising for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as part of the curlBOX team, and y'all better give!  Give $5, $10, $15; give what you can.

This may be a little bit vanilla compared to the actions I usually take when I'm making a principled stand (I'm so righteous), but I'm excited nonetheless.  Standing up for what's right, helping out, and being of service are a part of who I am, and on the 22nd, I'm gonna be all that with bells on!