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8 Ways How Not to Suck as a Photographer | A Guide

Pull up a seat, 'cause this is gonna take a few minutes...

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Do It For The Kids | #FundraisingFriday

I'm gonna admit up front that I've never done one of these fundraising walks before.  In the past, my style has been more like left-wing fomentation and rabble-rousing activism:  sitting in, shouting, and delivering petitions with theatrical flair and justified indignation.  No surprise that that was in my college days, huh?  Now that I'm headed into my mid-30s...

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I Apologize and I Brought You Flowers... | A Poll

Yeahsoummmm... I have plenty excuses as to why I've not written in forever, and a few good reasons too.  If I have any faithful readers out there who've missed me, I'm sorry for the unannounced hiatus!  And if not then, well, whatever. I just really needed a break.  And I got one!  Two weeks in New York fxxkin' City catching up with friends and family did wonders for my soul.  How funny is it that it's in that fast-paced city that never sleeps that I learned to stop spinning my wheels?

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Made in LA 2014: The Hammer Biennial | A Review

I've often said that there's a certain je ne sais quoi about Los Angeles that makes it more hospitable to the beginnings of an art career than other cities.  Berlin is the only other place I can think of that compares, it's just that there's no beaches there.  Because of that certain something in the air here, LA is a magnet for artists of all stripes and talents, and with that comes a lot of mediocrity.  In my opinion, a good 80% of art being shown and promoted here - both "outsider" and "legit" - is complete and utter bullshit.  But man oh man does that last 20% make up for it.

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Attire On Your Body, In Your Closet... | A Shopping Recommendation

It's time to switch it up with a style feature!

This one goes out to all the ladies out there who's basic style sensibilities mirror mine: well-made clothing without huge logos; not too much print; lots of basics and a definable color palette; mostly made by local designers.  

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Shhhhhhhh... | A Recommendation

I'm gonna go ahead and call this the coolest makeup brand you've never heard of.  By that criteria alone, you could call it hipster-bait, except that would be kinda mean though.  Besides, everyone knows that hipster girls don't wear makeup.

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