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My Hairspiration | #FotoFriday

I've loved this Tumblr so long.  Images of beautiful (mostly) black women of every shade fearlessly wearing their hair as God created it concentrated in one website = a self-esteem boost for me.  I have a reputation among my friends and colleagues as being fearless myself, but I'm still a person...

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Love From Fourteena | #FotoFriday

This is Grandaddy.  Just this Tuesday, I paid my respects to him along with my extended family and all the hundreds of people whose hearts he touched in his life. He was 95.  Today I dedicate #FotoFriday to him because the world needs to know that this man existed.

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Awesome People Hanging Out Together | #FotoFriday

It's been a challenging week.  I'm elated with how my career seems to be budding at the moment, yet it's been causing me to fall behind on important personal projects. Then two days ago, I received the news that my grandfather passed away and the service will be held in Alabama on the same day of the unveiling of a rather difficult yet rewarding project that I'm still working on.  I don't feel conflicted at all...

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Details of Venice | #FotoFriday

It seems like the weekend drum circle has been here from eternity and will continue into eternity..  Both tourists and locals flock here.  Street performers, artists, and craftspeople peddle their wares.  There are the indigent, the drifters, and the caravaners.  And no matter how much rents continue to skyrocket, Venice will never be totally scrubbed clean.

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AfroStyle Magazine 10 | #FotoFriday

For some odd reason, there's no Vogue Africa.  Or maybe there's several rather mundane reasons why not (I can think of one or two).  When it comes to the Condé Nast empire, it seems like only Franca Sozzani (editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia) cares about pushing the company toward highlighting the fabrics, cultures, and colors present in this vast continent.

But maybe a Vogue Africa isn't necessary after all.

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