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AfroStyle Magazine 10 | #FotoFriday

For some odd reason, there's no Vogue Africa.  Or maybe there's several rather mundane reasons why not (I can think of one or two).  When it comes to the Condé Nast empire, it seems like only Franca Sozzani (editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia) cares about pushing the company toward highlighting the fabrics, cultures, and colors present in this vast continent.

But maybe a Vogue Africa isn't necessary after all.  Not when there's AfroStyle Magazine, now 10 "issues" deep and not waiting for anyone's blessing and/or approval.

Above: editorial highlights from the current issue of AfroStyle Magazine, an online publication inspired primarily by African cultures and fashion, and beyond.

From their "about" page:

[AfroStyle Magazine] is a premier online African, African inspired and Multicultural Fashion Editorial Magazine. It covers contemporary issues such as fashion, entertainment, tourism, arts, culture and more. We recognize the diversity and complexities of the human race and their unique cultural breath (style). Every culture has a rich, deep breath or style that cannot be ignored or marginalized. The spirit of a nation can be found in her style and we identify the similarities and value of every cultural fashion breath or statement. To ignore a nation’s style is akin to cultural suppression. AfroStyle Magazine embraces and showcases the way a culture chooses to design their dreams or visions of flare and dignity through fashion. AfroStyle Magazine speaks of value, expresses beauty, comments on attitude and identifies substantive style.

AfroStyle Magazine supports and promotes African Fashion in its entirety and highlights the impact of Contemporary African Fashion on today’s Western and European trends in clothes and accessories. In addition, we celebrate achievers and trendsetters who positively represent Africa and beyond. The letter O that creates the Afro sound is symbolic to us because of our inclusive mindset and recognition of a global community or village. The letter O is communal and united. AfroStyle Magazine focuses on what unites us as a world community and not on the ideas that breaks the human link. AfroStyle Magazine is aware that a person’s culture can stop them from seeing beyond their inherited or indoctrinated perceptions. Despite these hurdles and other differences, AfroStyle Magazine highlights what all cultures have in common and informs our readers to look not just with their cultivated minds but also with their human hearts.

ASM 10 is heavy on the editorial spreads, praise God, and also features excellent interviews with Dr. Maya Angelou before her passing, the actor Isaiah Washington, and the legendary hip hop duo Dead Prez.  Then there are the first-person narratives that deal with the theme of the issue, which is "Struggle and Identity", and that's on top of the regular columns, fashion videos, and product reviews.

The editor-in-chief of ASM is Amaka N. Onyioha and in my EXPERT opinion, she does a great job of not making the serious issues covered by the magazine's writers feel forced or shoe-horned in.  Now, the website does have its technical issues regarding layout, design, and functionality, but I can personally look past it.  I feel like there's a void being filled.  And maybe all that can be fixed if more people knew about the 'zine and donated to the cause.

So kudos to ASM this #FotoFriday and the beautiful, gorgeous photography featured within!