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Awesome People Hanging Out Together | #FotoFriday

It's been a challenging week.  I'm elated with how my career seems to be budding at the moment, yet it's been causing me to fall behind on important personal projects. Then two days ago, I received the news that my grandfather passed away and the service will be held in Alabama on the same day of the unveiling of a rather difficult yet rewarding project that I'm still working on, meaning I have to leave NOW.  I don't feel conflicted at all - my grandfather was 95 years old, a respected man in his community, and quite loving.  I've been dealing with the reality of his imminent passing for two years now, and there's nothing sad or tragic about how he departed from this realm - I'll be at the funeral proudly celebrating his life's achievements, of which there are many.  But at the edges of my calm, I can see panic trying to nibble away at me.  Good thing I have the perfect visual weapon...

From the Archive page

From the Archive page

It's a tumblr blog.  It's awesome people hanging out together.  Just 5 minutes scrolling through the site whenever I'm feeling conflicted "clears away the cobwebs and the sorroooowwww...", to quote Annie.  Vincent Price enjoying hors d'oeuvres with Alice Cooper.  Eartha Kit and James Dean playing musical intrusments. The kids of The Brady Bunch meeting the kids of The Jackson 5.  Shaquille O'Neal carrying Bill Gates (lol whut). Every 10 seconds, you'll be saying "Frickin' cool!"  I don't think it's possible for panic, sadness, or anger to overtake you once you know that one night in 1983, this happened:

Keith Richards, Tina Turner, & David Bowie by  Bob Gruen

Keith Richards, Tina Turner, & David Bowie by Bob Gruen

I feel better already!

 I can't wait to join all my family in celebrating the memory of my Grandaddy - they're awesome people just like he was, and I love it when we hang out together.  Maybe I should take some photos while I'm there... submit it to APHOT...