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Michael R Moore Gives Me... | #FotoFriday

Model: A.K. | Makeup by Miki Hirota | 2013

Model: A.K. | Makeup by Miki Hirota | 2013

Life. Beauty. Imagination. Creativity. Good vibrations. Head trips.

I love Michael's style - an emphasis on color, careful composition, and interesting-looking models to achieve really striking looks, and that's before he starts in with the photoshop wizardry. What I love about the today's photo is that I can *hear* it. White paint on dark skin that cracks and fissures as a man cries out.  There's not much more to say.  I can hear him, and that's it.

I think the work "random" has become overused these days to describe how circumstances come to be.  And with that said, it was pretty random how I was introduced to Mr. Moore. We clicked almost instantly though, and started working together, and we've got more planned for the near future.  The work we've done together is featured on my art direction page.