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I Love You Mr. Crewdson! | #FotoFriday

Untitled, from the Follow series, 2004, Gregory Crewdson

I was in my second year of art school, deep into exploring conceptual photography, when I was introduced to the work of Gregory Crewdson by way of an exhibition at the Fisher Museum at USC.  I immediately fan-girled.

If you ever get a chance to view his work in person, do everything you can to see it.  His photo prints are rarely any smaller than 5x8 FEET, yo.  Before he switched to digital, he shot his elaborate "production stills" using an 8x10 camera.  8x10!  It's my dream to one day even touch one...

I really miss shooting on a 4x5...

But back to the lecture at hand: I love Gregory Crewdson's work for how evocative it is.  I don't remember which of his prints I saw that day on campus, but I remember being absolutely struck.  I don't want to reduce his body of work to the over-used (these days) adjective of "surreal".  Otherworldly - especially in the case of his series "Brief Encounters" - is better.  Unsettling.  I can straight up sit and just groove on an image of his for a good hour.  One of my treasured possessions is a catalogue of his work from 1985 - 2005 that I bought from the book shop at the Tate Modern.  Yes, I'm humble-bragging.  Just let me, just this once.

Look at that untitled picture up there.  I challenge you to NOT sit and contemplate it for at least 7 minutes.